IBE Ministries, Inc, DBA, IBE Solutions, Care &
Hope is a 501c3, charitable nonprofit, faith-based
organization and is actively serving Texas and
Maryland with hopes of expanding. We have been
blessed, with passionate people, that see the ever
increasing problems drugs and alcohol impose on
America's families. We look to keep our focus
forward and up on God, facing the challenges in
Maryland, Texas and beyond. We are always
available to provide families care, comfort and
solutions to substance abuse.

Our phone is always on! 281-515-6673
What Have We Been Up To?

" Yes My Kid" was born from one desperate
mother’s phone call to IBE Solutions, Care & Hope
She and her husband are devout
Christians and live as Christians should and have two
boys. They raised them with healthy moral and
spiritual values and when the first suggestion of drug
abuse came from the youngest of the two they, like
nearly all parents, said, “No way, not my kid!” Harsh
reality found its way into their hearts and minds
leading them to the painful acknowledgement that,
“Yes, My Kid” does do drugs.
And so, Yes My Kid began, though it did not catch on
right away. Christian parents especially have a hard
time confronting family issues in church, which is
ironic but true. Almost all parents believe that they
did something wrong. As the word trickled out and
news that there was help right in the church, the
support group grew and is continuing to grow today.
YMK spilled out that one meeting into other
churches and now seems to be spreading like
wildfire. Good news is hard to contain and the
parents and loved ones who sought hope, found more
than hope in these once a week gatherings of people
in the same boat as they.
All it takes is a room, a spiritual foundation to build
upon and parents and loved ones in need. You will be

YMK Wednesday nights beginning @ 6:45 at:
Friendship Baptist Church
1391 Sykesville Road
Sykesville, MD 21784

Monday Nights @ 7pm
Damascus United Methodist Church
9600 Main Street
Damascus, MD

More churches will be added here in short order, 2013
will see the addition of our third YMK in Howard
County , MD. and our first in Pasadena, TX.

  • For More details you can call 281-515-6673 and
    speak to Mike Weber

"They won't care what we believe unless they believe that we care."
IBESolutions, Care & Hope
825 E. Southmore, Ste. 203
Pasadena, TX 77502
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825 E. Southmore, Ste. 203
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